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Soulless Winter
A sad soul, forsaken, lies dead and cold
One crystal droplet in his eye remains
Trapped forever in despair untold
All his hope was lost but none of his pain
No savior came to answer his prayers
Alone, he was abandoned in the end
Bleeding and dying, all were unaware
Of the hole in his heart no one could mend
To be alone and to be afraid
Abused, used, to lose everything you love
Lost and hurt, the will to live starts to fade
A dead child now stares at the skies above.
His eyes stay fixed on the endless abyss.
A life that has ended and won’t be missed.
:iconpknight:PKnight 1 3
Emo Rant
O-M-F-G, I’m trapped in an abyss.
You know what that is, right?
It’s cold and it’s lonely and dark as the night.
If I died right now I wouldn’t be missed…
Woops, I’m sorry. Please forget I said that.
I’m just so sad, I’m shedding crimson tears.
That means I’m bleeding, dumbass. Can’t you hear?
I think I’ll be anorexic now, ‘cause I’m so fat.
Yeah, I know it’s sort of out of the blue.
But it’s true! I’m huge! Won’t you pity me?
In a manner of speaking, won’t you scratch my itch?
I’m not a loser, just no one has a clue.
No one understands, no one can see…
Worship me: The Whiny Emo bitch.
:iconpknight:PKnight 1 5
Fallen From Grace
Tumbling Down. I’m just tumbling down.
It wasn’t that long ago when you were there
When hand-in-hand we would walk together
Always sharing in each other’s triumphs.
And hand-in-hand we would love each other
Staying forever by each others’ sides.
Your left in my right, together as one
I loved you.
Walking together, the moon in the sky
Though all the stars were veiled by the clouds
Their twinkling glow had left us that night
But in the darkness we still persevered.
Step by step our love pierced through the blackness
But there was an obstacle. We were blind.
Both blind but only one of us would fall.
It caught my ankle, I lost my balance.
Next my footing and the world pulled me down.
Helplessly, I was reaching for a friend.
Hopelessly, I was grasping at the air.
Your soft, warm hand was missing from my own.
You were not there for me and thus I fell.
Tumbling down. I was tumbling down.
Just falling, with no one there to catch me.
I met the earth and found myself alone.
:iconpknight:PKnight 0 3
What has happened to you, partner and friend?
What is so wrong? What is causing your pain?
Where went your inconquerable spirit?
I remember when you would take me out
Took me in your hand , we made such magic
Created great wonders, had such passion.
You and I could change the world together
On top of it all! Nothing could stop us!
I was your muse, bringing forth your greatness
And you stood with pride and me at your side.
But what now? Where has al the magic gone?
You speak now only of blackness and pain.
Dormant darkness dooms you to deep despair.
Like a car careening out of control
You unleash a tormented fury.
Take me tight in your fist, thrash me about.
Tears in your eyes and sadness in your heart,
You slam me down and press me to the ground.
Push as hard as you want. Doesn't matter.
You can only get so much out of me.
You spill my insides out across your world,
Tell the world of your sorrow with my tears.
Go ahead, use me until I am dry.
And then, after I gave you so much,
:iconpknight:PKnight 2 0
What is my Katie?
What is my love?
"A gift from God
that dropped from above?"
But damn, that'd hurt
much more than a bit:
falling miles and miles
to the ground you'd soon hit.
With sharp rocks and glass shards-
Okay, that metaphor sucks...
But there's still plenty more.
Aren't you in luck?
"Her eyes are like pools-"
of what I don't know.
Rancid ham salad
or lime green Jello?
... But kid's swim in pools
and you know what that means:
Warm spots in the water
from where they have peed.
But your eyes aren't like toilets,
I'm more than happy to say.
So let's wave goodbye
To another dumb cliche.
"Roses are red
and violets are blue"
But I still don't know
what else to say about you.
you're hot as the sun
and bright as the moon.
Like the stars do you sparkle
and... old people eat prunes?
What the hell did I say?
Okay, that wasn't my best.
But if you had patience,
you'll read through the rest.
Yes! You're still reading!
I mean- I knew that you would.
Of the many ways to say "I love you,"
:iconpknight:PKnight 1 0
When the winter came and the sun was gone
life turned cold and pale.
Later things were made much worse
when I was pelted by Toyota-sized hail.
O, where have you gone, oh Sun so bright?
You're hiding in the clouds. Overcome by fright?
Deprived of your warmth, I shiver and shiver and shiver
and... yeah.
I felt so alive
to see you up in the sky.
But now life just seems so lame.
Without you here to brighten my day,
Nothing really feels the same.
Watching the leaves
falling off of the trees
is like ME!
Falling apart piece-by-piece.
And those other stars twinkling around me?
Fuck the stars!
Their faint glow can't even compare.
Cause all it does
when I look at them
is remind me you aren't there.
On the other side of the world
I know you still shine
But I know you'd shine much brighter,
where you here, were you mine.
Oh, sun, I love you.
Please won't you rise?
And bring the light
back to my eyes?
I'd thank you
And we'd stay and shine together.
Always and forever.
My super star.
:iconpknight:PKnight 1 0
Like you didn't already know
There once was a man from Nantuket:
He was gay.
It was you.
:iconpknight:PKnight 2 6


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